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Топики для экзаменов по английскому языку и эссе на английском языке

Топики для экзаменов по английскому языку. Тема: Youth Problems (Проблемы молодого поколения)

Топик "Youth Problems" для сдачи экзамена по английскому в школе

Today it is fashionable to speak about teenage problems. A few years ago alcohol, fights, murders and other kinds of violence were more problems of adults rather than young people.
But now, as official reports admit, violence, AIDS, drugs and alcohol are more and more associated with youngest. For many children from poor families violence, drinking problems and all that is associated with powerty becomes more and more real.
The Government surveys show that every fifth teenager who was arrested for criminal actions, was younger that 14 and couldn't be sent to prison. Almost half of teenagers have an experience with drugs, alcohol and sex under age of 16. A lot of teenagers who have drug or alcohol addiction almost never believe that they are dependent. These things are often combined with family and school problems.
What has gone wrong? Some specialists explain that the changes of our society, the system of our life force young people to choose their own lifestyle. On the one hand, our society agrees that 15-17-years old people are old enough to be responsible for what they do and gives them quite a lot of freedom and rights. On the other hand, most adults think that teenagers are too young to be taken seriously. This misunderstanding has produced many problems. Actually, a lot of teenagers say that their parents let them do anything they want and are quite indifferent to their problems. Many teenagers get upset or depressed when they can't solve their problems. As a result, it makes them believe that there is only one way out - to stop living and commit suicide.
No doubt, the teens' problems will increase. And young people should feel that they are cared about.
Computers are also very useful for teenagers with their homework because they can find all kinds of the information in the Internet. As for me, I often do my homework with the Internet. I find different essays, found out lots of information I’m interested in. I use the dictionary and so on.
Computers are very important thing in a modern society and there are a lot of people who can’t imagine their life without it. But these smart machines have many disadvantages. Firstly, they are not good for the eyes. If you are using a computer very much, you will have a bad vision. Secondly, a computer can turn you into a slave of the Internet or of the computer games. You will forget your friends, your hobbies and just seat down and play, play, play... No doubt, t is awful. So, computers have advantages and disadvantages. Use it well and a computer will be your best friend.