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Топики для экзаменов по английскому языку и эссе на английском языке

Топики для экзаменов по английскому языку. Тема: Holidays (Выходные и праздники)

Топик "Holidays" для сдачи экзамена по английскому в школе


Holidays are important as they shine out from the grey routines of everyday life and work as a time we can forget about the stresses of our lives and enjoy ourselves, relax and be with our family and friends. We can do the things that we dream about when we’re doing what we don’t want to do so much. The function as a break from the other days, and they should be very different from our normal routines. In the past, although also fulfilling this function, they were primarily religious festivals or celebrations of the different times of year and acted as natural reference points in the cycle of year. Nowadays they mostly give us a bit of release from the monotony of going to work or to school every day.

Of course in our culture, New Year’s day lands on January 1st and it’s a bit of tradition of get drunk on the evening of the 31st to see the New Year in and then give presents and wish each other a Happy New Year. We don’t have any traditions for Christmas. We just give each other a little presents and that’s about it. Easter isn’t particularly celebrated. We baked cakes and paint eggs and somebody goes to church to a mass.

As for me, I prefer celebrating of my birthday. I think, it’s nice to wake up and find a lot of presents around your bed. And now, in my age, it’s fine to realise that you become one year older. I also like to celebrate birthdays of my relatives and friends. I like to give presents and see happy smile after opening the present. New Year is my favourite holiday too. I like to walk outside in the midnight and watch a beautiful salute or make it myself. The night from the 31st to 1st is a great fun – you may not sleep all night and enjoy yourself to your heart’s contest because the New Year comes and all people are happy.