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Топики для экзаменов по английскому языку и эссе на английском языке

Топики для экзаменов по английскому языку. Тема: Computers (Компьютеры)

Топик "Computers" для сдачи экзамена по английскому в школе

When Charles Babbage, a professor of Mathematics at Cambridge university, invented the first calculating machine in 1812 he couldn't even imagine the consequences of this discovery. Computers are used more and more often in the world today, for the simple reason that they are far more efficient than human beings. They have much better memory and they can store much information. In fact, computers can do many of the things we do, but faster and better. They can predict weather, and even play chess, write poetry or compose music. Just as television has extended human sight across the barriers of time and distance, so the computers extend the power of the human mind across the existing barriers.
Computers are one of a great importance in a modern hospital. The chief use of computers is the storing and sorting the medical knowledge which has been acquired in the last 50 years. No doctor can possible keep up with all discoveries. The only solution of the problem is store medical knowledge in a computer. Today there are medical computer centers where all existing knowledge of symptoms of various diseases and of their treatment is stored. Doctors feed data on symptoms in the computer and get the necessary information on correct diagnostics and treatment.
Ordinary computer can use only the data stored in the hard disk. Now scientists have designed machines, that are capable of learning from their experience and remembering what they have learned. Such a machine is capable of recognizing objects without human help or control. But of course, they can make many mistakes.
Information science with the ideas and message of processing and storing information is of great importance today. That's why computer technology must be taught in a secondary school. The new subject “basic information science”, and “computing machines” was introduced for the senior pupils at schools. Contact with the machine increases the interest in learning, makes them more serious about studying new subject. School computers are used not only to study information science, but also for examination purposes. Young people who finish school must be trained to operate computers.
Computers are also very useful for teenagers with their homework because they can find all kinds of the information in the Internet. As for me, I often do my homework with the Internet. I find different essays, found out lots of information I’m interested in. I use the dictionary and so on.
Computers are very important thing in a modern society and there are a lot of people who can’t imagine their life without it. But these smart machines have many disadvantages. Firstly, they are not good for the eyes. If you are using a computer very much, you will have a bad vision. Secondly, a computer can turn you into a slave of the Internet or of the computer games. You will forget your friends, your hobbies and just seat down and play, play, play... No doubt, t is awful. So, computers have advantages and disadvantages. Use it well and a computer will be your best friend.