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Вопросы и ответы на английском языке

1. Что вы можете посоветовать человеку, начинающему изучать английский язык?

2. Некоторые люди женятся молодыми, другие предпочитают подождать. Каково ваше мнение на этот счет?

3. Что лучше - копить деньги на будущее или наслаждаться ими сейчас?

4. Чем вы хотите запомниться людям, прожив свою жизнь?

5. Некоторые люди ставят себе заоблачные цели, другие же мечтают о чем-то более достижимом. А вы?

6. Что лучше - оставаться неизменным или пробовать что-то новое?

7. Всегда ли родители знают, что лучше для их детей?

8. Какое самое большое преимущество дают нам новые технологии?

9. Кто из людей, кроме твоих родных, оказал сильное влияние на твою жизнь?

1. What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning the study of the English language?

I’d like to advice them to learn simple words and phrases with help of music. For example, when I started to study English, my teacher often gave as a task to learn a couple of songs. In these songs people sang about their names, their countries and their age, for example, “How old are you? – I’m seven, I’m seven”. So these songs were quit easy to learn and words and phrases were easy to remember. That’s why I think learning with songs is a great way of studying English for the beginners.

2. Some people prefer to marry when they are young, while others prefer to wait until they are older to marry.

I have a friend, who married when she was sixteen. She married a man she loves but she did it only because she was pregnant. She has a daughter now, so she is a very young mother.

My parents married when they were both twenty-five. I think they have wait until that age because they thought that they were not ready for such a serious step in their lives. They married in Africa and I find it very romantic and unusual.

3. It is better to save your money for the future than to enjoy it now?

I have never saved my money for the future, I prefer to spend them right now, to buy new clothes or shoes or something like that. But I have a friend who saves her pocket money for something special. She will be eighteen next year and she wants to have a big party because when you are eighteen, you are not the child anymore. She thinks about renting a cottage and it’s very expensive. So she saves her money and hopes that her future party will be really great.

4. At the end of your life, how would you most like to be remembered?

Actually, I haven’t thought about it. Maybe, it will be good if people will remember me as a writer. I write books, I don’t do it very often, but I enjoy it very much. My family likes to read my novels. All members of my family say that I write quite good, so maybe in future I’ll write something great like “War and Peace” and people will remember me thanks to my books.

Also is good to be remembered as a journalist. Journalists can solve mysteries, take part in different political events, and speak with very famous people. Than they tell the whole world about all these things. If you write interesting, informative and unusual articles, people will certainly remember you even after your death.

Also I want to be remembered as a good member of my own family. I want to know that after my death my husband, my children, my sister will remember me as a good wife, mother and sister.

5. Some people dream of reaching unlikely goals, while other people set more reasonable and reachable goals.

I tend to be the kind of person who set quite reachable goals. For example, I have a dream to study in Cyprus. My dream’ll come true soon because my parents and I work hard on this – they earn money, while I learn English. Also I want to become a journalist. This is a reachable goal too because I will study in a university and one day I’ll be able to say, “I work as a journalist”.

6. It is better to stick with what you know than to try out new things.

I am a humanist. It means that I like literature and language and dislike maths, physics, chemistry and things like that. I have never liked them and have never wanted to learn them. I prefer to read books and learn Russian and English languages. Maybe, because of it I’m much better in literature than in maths. But I think if I tried to learn maths and physics as much as I learn literature and languages, I would never know any of these subjects good. So I decided to spend more time on things that I like and know better.

7. Parents always know what is best for their children.

I live with my parents for sixteen years and I have never regretted it. I have to say that they really know their parents’ business – they care about my sister and me, they help us in difficult situations and, of course, they feed us; give us pocket money and things like that. They always give us wise and helpful advices because they are living much longer than we. So, they really know what they do, they always have answers for all questions. I think, they do know what is best for us.

8. What is the strongest advantage that technology can bring us?

We live in the century of computer technologies. These technologies help us communicate, learn, relax, etc. which of these advantages is the most important? Let’s think, what can we do better now, when we have computers and the Internet? It seems to me that studying is much easier now than a couple of decades ago. With help of the Internet we can find out any kind of information. Years ago people had to go to libraries and to look over many books, if they wanted to find out something. Now we have the Internet, which makes the process of learning much easier.

9. What person, other than a family member, has influenced you the most in your life?

I study in my school for almost three years. All this time I communicate with my classmates. Some of them became my friends and others will be just classmates for me forever. Anyway, there’s a girl in my class who, I hope, is my friend. She has influenced me greatly. She showed me, how important it is - to have your own opinion and have the courage not to follow the crowd. She taught me not to care about others’ opinions and to follow your own heart. I see her and understand that it is not bad to have your own thoughts, even if they differ from majority’s thoughts. Thanks to her I changed the way I look at life.